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Our basic principle is that we try to solve the delivery of larger quantities cheaper and at a discount.
If you want to take advantage of the discounted prices, all you have to do is ask your friends if they would want to send a package too, so you can all get better prices.
We have introduced the advance rule from March 10, 2020!
An advance payment of EUR 100 is required for all consignments with a delivery charge of more than EUR 500 or for any transport of pets by bank transfer.
If the order is canceled for any reason no later than 30 days before departure, the deposit will be refunded!

Költöztetés Ausztriába


  • Up to 20 kg 45 €
  • Each additional kg is € 0.90
  • Over 100 kg € 0.90
  • Full car depending on the distance is 850-1100 €
  • Half car 500-600 €
  • 18 m3 trailer full, depending on the distance 1150 €



  • Up to 18 kg 50 €
  • Each additional kg is € 1.20
  • Over 200 kg € 1.00
  • A full car is 1100-1300 € depending on the distance
  • Half car 600-700 €
  • A 18 m3 trailer full, 1300 € depending on the distance



  • Up to 18 kg 50 €
  • Each additional kg is € 1.30
  • Over 100 kg € 1.20
  • Full car depending on the distance from 1100 to 1300 euros
  • Half car 650-750 €
  • 18 m3 trailer full, depending on the distance 1350 €
  • The minimum order quantity in Switzerland is 3 m3 or 250 kg

Prices are valid for Zurich, further away we apply some surcharges.

France, Belgium and the NetherlandsKöltöztetés a BENELUX államokba és Franciaországba

  • Up to 20 kg 50 €
  • Each additional kg is € 1.35
  • Over 100 kg € 1.20
  • Full car 1300-1400 €
  • Half car 700-800 €
  • 18 m3 trailer full, 1400-1500 € depending on distance


  • Full car 1500-1700 €
  • Half car 800-900 €
  • 18 m3 trailer full, 1500-1700 € depending on distance

Minimum order quantity: half a car or 7 m3.
Prices are up to the heights of Turin, Milan, Venice, further away we apply some surcharges.



  • Full car 2000 €
  • A 18 m3 trailer full of € 2000

Minimum order quantity: full truck.
Prices are valid until Barcelona, further away a unique agreement is required.


Csomagküldés árak Angliába

  • Up to 15 kg 50 €
  • Each additional kg is 1.5 €
  • Full car to London or around is € 1490, further away some surcharges applied.
  • Half a car to London or around is € 850, some further away some surcharges applied.
  • 18 m3 trailer full is 1550 €
    • We deliver from England to Western Europe at unique prices.

Prices are between Budapest and London, further, we apply some surcharges.


  • 25 kg up to 75 €
    Költöztetés árak Írországba
  • Each additional kg up to 500 kg is € 2.0
  • Each additional kg is € 1.6
  • Bicycle 70 €
  • Scooter 125 cm3 250 €
  • Motorcycle 300 cm3 up to 375 €
  • Large motorbike 300-600 cm3 425 €
  • Large motorbike over 600 cm3 600-800 €
  • Quad 550 
  • Small dog 400 €
  • Medium size dog 500 €
  • Large size dog 600-700 €
  • Puppy, non-housetrained dog cleaning fee is 50 € above the current size fee
  • Cat, rabbit, ferret 300 €

Prices are given in Euros, but can be paid in any other currency, e.g. English pound or Hungarian Forint.
The prices given for the trailer are valid when ordering a full car and are in addition to the price of the full car.
Depending on the route plan, it will be decided whether the packages to be transported will go by the truck or the trailer.
Please note that the weight of a 1 m3 package is calculated as a minimum of 80 kg! Above 80 kg we calculate based on the measured weight! If the weight cannot be measured due to the size of the items to be transported or for any other reason, the prices are given on a volume basis. In this case, the amount of space occupied by it on the transport vehicle is taken into account. Please note that the actual volume of packages or furniture and the space required will often differ, as 100% space utilization cannot be achieved during loading. So the volume you measure often requires more space when loading.
The delivery of motorcycles, bicycles and furniture is accounted at a different price compared to the weight / price ratio.
Prices apply on the route Hungary-Ireland to Ireland / Dublin / - Hungary / Budapest, in England and they apply to the London-Budapest route. For areas outside of this, we will charge an additional fee, which will be indicated when the offer is made.

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10% discount for round trip transportation.

Prices are free of all other costs, you only pay as much as you can calculate from the tariffs listed above.
Our prices include international services, therefore in the EU they are VAT-free, and the prices listed above are set this way.
The condition for the VAT exemption is that the service is established between companies with an EU tax number.
Services provided to private individuals are subject to VAT, which is added to the above prices.

Költöztetés és csomagszállítás az Európai Unión belül