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About inernational relocation

About inernational relocation

Moving in itself requires a serious decision, but if you also decide to move internationally, it will further complicate the situation. In addition to the meticulous preparation and mandatory paperwork, the question arises, how do you ensure the safe transport of your valuables and your beloved furniture and household appliances? Saving your old life to new circumstances is not an easy task, but who said you should thrive on your own?
It takes a significant burden off your shoulders if you entrust the task to a specialized foreign removals company. As part of our professional international removal serviceessional international removal service, we make sure that your belongings arrive at their destination without damage and try to create all the conditions for a smooth move.

Growing interest in moving abroad

Did you know that when determining international relocation, distance is relevant, not country borders? The standard value is 500 km, which means that any transport that exceeds this distance between the loading and unloading address is considered as a foreign move, even in the case of two domestic cities.

Based on the trend of recent years, cross-border destinations in southern and western Europe are becoming an increasingly attractive option for relocation.
In addition to financial considerations and a desire to build the future, it is mainly higher living standards, a better climate, or more favorable living conditions that attract migrants to more distant countries, but they also quickly assess the burden of moving to England, Germany, Spain or any EU member countries. The reverse is also true: if we do not settle permanently abroad, sooner or later we will need to move from England to the EU.

How does international relocation work?

Moving abroad, whether to Germany, England, Spain or vice versa, if the move is from Germany or England, possibly from France, requires thorough preparation and usually has a well-defined schedule.

Steps of moving:

  1. As a consignor - be it a company or an individual - you can contact us, the carrier company and fill in the quotation form.

The price of the move always depends on the required service, the size of the car, the distance and the deadline, but of course it is also possible to choose from our pre-defined delivery packages.
Packaging, door-to-door delivery, and other extra services fall under the category of individual tariffs.

  1. Weight determination and further consultation with our company's staff.

It is important that you indicate in detail on the quotation form all the needs and information that may be important for the relocation and on which we can calculate. This is also crucial for weight determination, as we definitely want to avoid overloading, which is irregular and carries a road penalty.

  1. We will e-mail you the quotation.

  2. If you say yes to the offer and we confirm your order, we can move on to discuss the specific schedule.

  3. We set a deadline and discuss other practical issues.

  4. We make the move smoothly

  5. You pay the cost of the move in cash or by bank transfer.

Are you thinking of moving abroad? You want to bring your personal belongings, furniture, or even your pets safely to your new home?
Start the next stage of your life with a smooth move!
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