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In recent years, more and more people have decided to choose - whether for adventure or financial reasons - to work abroad for a longer or shorter period of time. Also because of studies abroad it may be necessary to move to England or other European countries.

The transportation of valuables and furniture can sometimes be a lot of hassle, especially when it comes to international relocation.

However, thanks to my many years of experience as a carrier and transport manager, you can get rid of unnecessary inconveniences. I myself have lived abroad, more specifically in Ireland, not only as a carrier but as a mover I am also aware of what it means to move from England to Hungary. I also apply this approach at work.

I am well aware of the problems that arise during moving abroad, as I have already made the trip many times from Hungary to England and back. I will be happy to share my experiences with you to make your move even more comfortable and start a new phase of your life in a good mood, full of positive experiences.

I have also gathered some tips that will help you with international relocating.

Why choose us?

  • fair freight rates
  • reliable, careful package management
  • proven routes (but we also deliver on a new route if required)
  • regular groupage
  • weekly removal flights
  • years of carrier, shipping experience
  • safe transport of cats and dogs with appropriate documents

Parcel delivery to and from England

AIn addition to moving, I also undertake parcel delivery to England and other European countries. The road to England passes through Austria, Germany, Belgium and France, so I deliver packages mainly to these countries,
but I can deviate from the main route on request and even travel to Prague, Berlin or Amsterdam.

I can also deliver packages on the way back, including products, ordered from England to Hungary.

We also do the packing as part of parcel delivery, but - especially for smaller quantities - it is better to do this yourself before sending. If possible, use boxes – reinforced as they can withstand thousands of kilometers and protect the values!

Of course, I don’t open the packages. However, during shipment it’s expected to be checked by customs officers. Therefore, if something is included in the package that should not be shipped, the responsibility is always charged to the sender. Please be careful when putting together the package, as it is in both of our best interests to get it to the consignee and do not end up in a customs warehouse!

You can read more at details of parcel delivery.

csomagküldés Angliába vagy Angliából

Moving or parcel delivery to Germany

Germany is an extremely popular destination within Europe: many people choose to live here because of the high standard of living and wide range of opportunities: work, or to pursue their higher education. But whatever the reason, the move from or to Germany, in many cases, you may encounter serious logistical difficulties that can also force compromises to set off. Our company’s intention is to make international removals free of complications and ensure that they are as simple and efficient as possible.

We make the process of moving to Germany completely smooth for you.
Would you give a package to a recipient in Germany, or would you bring a product ordered from there to Hungary?

In addition to moving, we also undertake parcel delivery to and from Germany on flexible terms and at a fair price.

Költöztetés vagy csomagszállítás Németországba

New direction: Spain!

Our international relocation service is now available in the direction of Spain due to the great interest.

Our experienced drivers, even on a monthly basis, with immediate departure on demand, are at your disposal - contact us as soon as possible!

Új irány: Spanyolország!

Moving, forwarding to the Benelux states

Is Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg the destination? Be it moving abroad or parcel delivery, you can count on our many years of experience and excellent local knowledge in the Benelux countries as well.

Our main route basically passes through these countries, but if you travel to a settlement that is further away, a tour can be installed on individual request.

Hollandia - Költöztetés, szállítmányozás a Benelux államokba

Move with us to Ireland!

If you take a job in Western Europe, it can be a complication to arrange a quick and smooth exit - especially if you set off with your furniture and furnishings. Thank’s to our outstanding freight forwarder experience it can be easily solved even for such more distant destinations as Ireland.

You should also use the services of our company if you do not move to the UK islands, but you need a parcel or shipment from England or Ireland to Hungary and back.

Költözködj velünk Írországba!

Professional freight service to Italy

Based on an individual request for quotation, we also undertake relocation to Italy, even with loading and unloading if required. Whether Rome, Naples, Turin or any other Italian city is your destination, we can quickly and safely take you to the site of a new phase of your life. Learn more about our service! You can also count on our help if you ship to Italy or if you bring a package ordered from there to Hungary - contact us with confidence!

In addition to the above, we also undertake shipments to other member states of the European Union – please contact us to agree on details!

Profi fuvarszolgáltatás Olaszországba

Seamless cat, dog transport abroad

If we decide to continue living in another country, moving abroad with pets and dogs can be a headache.

If you plan to stay abroad for a relatively longer period of time - whether for studying, or work - and you keep a pet, it’s understandable that if conditions allow, then you take your four-legged friend with you.

If you want to transport your beloved dog to England with the least possible stress on your pet then choose our professional service!

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