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The primary activity of our company is international relocation.

Our main profile: moving to Germany, England, the Benelux countries and Ireland. You can be informed about the current departure times here.

international moving

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Our cars have a closed design, their capacity is 14 m3, to which we can attach a 18 m3 trailer, with a payload of 1900 kg.

Presumably, the size definitions above usually don’t say too much, so we give a more straightforward one:

A one-room apartment - usually - up to half a car,
A living plus bedroom is a half-full car,
A living room, plus two-bedrooms apartment takes a whole car and possibly half a trailer,
A living room plus three-bedrooms apartment can already fill the full car and a full trailer.

Of course, these definitions apply to average homes with average equipments.

We usually deliver - beds, sofas, armchairs, smaller cabinets, many boxes, occasionally a refrigerator and washing machine, clothes bags, children’s toys, bicycles, TVs, kitchen utensils, cutlery and lots of personal belongings - from an average apartment.



Prices and basic packages for moving abroad

We tried to determine our prices by adapting to the above system, so we developed packages.

Prices are given in Euros, but can be paid in any other currency, e.g. English Pound or Hungarian Forint.

You can pay in cash at loading, unloading, or by bank transfer, but it’s important that the amount arrives at our account latest at unloading. This is a condition for unloading!

külföldi költöztetés - Anglia, Németország, Írország, EU

"S" moving deal

1 room flat

"M" moving deal

1 living room + 1 bedroom

"L" moving deal

1 living room + 2 bedrooms

"XL" moving deal

1 living room + 3 bedrooms

Moving from or to England

Moving from or to England

England - "S" moving deal900€
England - "S" loading215€
England - "M" moving deal1000-1500€
England - "M" loading240€
England - "L" moving deal1600-2000€
England - "L" loading275€
England - "XL" moving deal2200-2500€
England - "XL" loading300€
Moving to or from Germany

Moving to or from Germany

Germany - "S" moving deal700€
Germany - "S" loading150€
Germany - "M" moving deal750-1100€
Germany - "M" loading200€
Germany - "L" moving deal1200-1500€
Germany - "L" loading225€
Germany - "XL" moving deal1700-2200€
Germany - "XL" loading260€
Moving to or from Ireland

Moving to or from Ireland

Ireland - "S" moving deal1000€
Ireland - "S" loading215€
Ireland - "M" moving deal1250-1800€
Ireland - "M" loading240€
Ireland - "L" moving deal2000-2500€
Ireland - "L" loading275€
Ireland - "XL" moving deal3300€
Ireland - "XL" loading300€
Moving to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg (Benelux)

Moving to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg (Benelux)

Benelux - "S" moving deal800€
Benelux - "S" loading200€
Benelux - "M" moving deal850-1300€
Benelux - "M" loading225€
Benelux - "L" moving deal1500-1800€
Benelux - "L" loading250€
Benelux - "XL" moving deal2000-2300€
Benelux - "XL" loading275€
Moving to or from Spain

Moving to or from Spain

Spain - "S" moving dealnot available
Spain - "S" loadingnot available
Spain - "M" moving dealnot available
Spain - "M" loadingnot available
Spain - "L" moving deal2000-2300€
Spain - "L" loading315€
Spain - "XL" moving deal2500-3000€
Spain - "XL" loading340€
Moving to or from Italy

Moving to or from Italy

Italy - "S" moving dealnot available
Italy - "S" loadingnot available
Italy - "M" moving dealnot available
Italy - "M" loadingnot available
Italy - "L" moving deal1750-2000€
Italy - "L" loading275€
Italy - "XL" moving deal2250-2750€
Italy - "XL" loading300€
Moving from or to Hungary

Moving from or to Hungary

Hungary - "S" loading15000Ft
Hungary - "M" loading20000Ft
Hungary - "L" loading25000Ft
Hungary - "XL" loading30000Ft

Good to know

What does the price contain?

The above fares apply to the Budapest-London, Budapest-Rome and Budapest-Barcelona routes, and include the work of the driver on the truck.

Delivery of packages from the apartment to the car and back is not included in the prices, but we can undertake it on a request, for a fee.

Farther from London, Rome, Barcelona, and outside of Budapest, we charge fee for the fuel difference, which we indicate in our offers.

Many are interested in the prices of assembly/disassembly of furnitures. These are all unique prices and cannot be categorized.
Please indicate your need in the Request for Quotation section.

Of course, the general tariffs specified in the Prices section can also be requested. We always count on what would be more favorable for our customers and for only as much space as is actually occupied by the things to be delivered.

If you are interested in our offer and you would like e.g. relocation from Germany or another EU country, you must first fill in the Offer request section on the website, which doesn’t oblige you to anything. After that, if you accept our offer, you can complete the shipment by filling out the Order section.
What is set out in this can only be changed by mutual agreement, so we can both look forward the day of the move with relaxation completing the order form, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of our service!

Our prices include international service, and are VAT-free in the EU, therefore the prices listed above are determined this way.

The condition for VAT exemption is that the service is established between companies with an EU tax number.
The service for a private person is subject to VAT, which is added to the above prices.

Moving FAQ

Burning issues of international relocation

Over time, since we have been in business, it has become increasingly clear that some information is needed for our clients about what an international relocation looks like, what to look out for, what type of pitfalls can occoure during this process.

Here are a few common questions answered. From time to time I enrich the page with new chapters when I see a new question or problem arise.
So let’s look at the most important ones that can arise in connection with moving abroad!

A usual question: What should I take with me abroad?

If you are planning to move from Hungary to England, Germany or another European country - but these are the two most important destinations – then you would might question what is it worth taking beyond your clothes and personal items? The emphasis is on the word “worth”, as you can get anything in Europe, so it is unlikely that you would have to take something with you to England because it is irreplaceable there.

Well, that's the way furniture is, for example. You can buy such things (used or new), in England or Germany often at an even better price than at home, so if you can sell your home furniture at a good price, you don’t have to worry that you would only be able to replace these on a much more expensice price.

From this it can be concluded that no furniture is needed.
Unfortunately, this is not so clear. When you move abroad, you will spend a significant portion of your time on work, or „running around” for it, so your smallest tasks will be bigger than surfing around on unknown pages for advertisements, bargaining with sellers, and finding one close to your new home.

It is Murphy’s law that things in perfect condition and reasonably priced are very far away.

Transport – for more pieces of furniture - cannot be done by car, and experience has shown that - because not everything will come from one seller - it will cost almost as much as if you brought yours from home…
On the other hand, many people say they don't really want to lie in another bed. This is also an aspect.

All in all, it can be said that if you don’t have perfect local knowledge and a wide range of help, then it is worth taking the absolutely necessary furniture with you.

The furniture that is nice to you, but useless, is not recommended to take to England, and more practical to leave behind.
In addition to furniture, another question is the transport of technical items such as washing machines, refrigerators, big speakers. Most apartments have basic appliances, so if you don’t specifically rent an empty apartment, you don’t need them, while music boxes can be bought cheaply abroad, and can also be transported by car, so - unless you cling to them too much - you should rather not take them with you, because they will just cause discomfort during your move.


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